Welcome to an exciting scouting year

welcome to another exciting scouting year!!!
Our first pack meeting will be this coming Thursday in Stulsaft park –
but before that please take the opportunity to look at your calendars – we are again organizing a sleepover at the USS hornet in Oakland. For many of the ones that attended the last time we went, the feedback was, that it was the best of all our sleepovers !!. So here is the opportunity to go again!! – for the scouts that were too young last time – here is your chance!!

Please sign up from now until next Sunday  August 30!! If you know already by next Thursday, you can bring your check directly to the Pack meeting (alongside with your annual dues if you have not paid yet)

Second, Redwood City will have their annual Fall Cleanup on Saturday, September 19th. Please email me  if you are interested in participating. You can find some more information about it at



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