Sleepover at the Academy of Sciences

We had a large group of boys sleeping at the Academy of Sciences last weekend! academy_of_sciences

We all had a great time learning about telescope building, how to navigate the night sky and how Curiosity made it onto Mars. After official closing time at 6pm they reopened their doors for all of the overnighters. They targeted their program towards a boy scout audience; and it was possible to follow along the programs to get the Astronomy belt loop and pin or for our fresh Arrow of Light receivers work towards their Astronomy Merit Badge. Most of the exhibits where open until 11pm when it was time to turn off the lights. Due to daylight savings time starting that night, it was quite a short night until wake up at the (new) 6am!!!!

But breakfast and lots of coffee definitely helped. Many of the families stayed to spend the day at the Academy also. My boys favorite part: The Earthquake shaker!!!! If you did not participate, go check it out before that exhibit is over!!


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