Scouts honor veterans on Memorial Day

Every year, the Scouts of Pack 991 join many other Cub and Boy Scouts in honoring America’s veterans.  They do this by placing flags on the graves at the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno.  The Cemetery covers 161 acres and over 130,000 veterans and their family members are interred there.  Placing flags is a wonderful way to help the boys recognize the meaning and importance of Memorial Day.memorialgoldengate

The day of service begins at 8:30 with a ceremony (although arrival earlier, with check-in at 7:15, is requested and suggested).  Then, boys are assigned a specific area in which to place the flags.  This task does not usually take long, although if weather permits, Scouts are encouraged to salute each grave as it is marked.  After the placing of flags, interested families can meet for brunch at a nearby restaurant.

All boys who participate in the placing of flags on May 25th receive a patch, those who also participate in the removal of flags on June 2, will receive a pin.

Please contact Rebecca Ratcliff (cliffrat (at) if you would like to attend.


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