Cub Scout Popcorn Sales

  • When: September 5 – November 1
  • How: individuals, show and sells, and  online sales
  • Goal: $200 per Scout
  • email: Popcorn coordinator

This year, we’re offering all kinds of new and exciting flavors – be sure to check out Jalapeno Cheddar, Sour Cream and Onion, and Bacon Ranch!

Popcorn sales are our only fundraising activity of the year making every sale very important to our Pack Program. 70% of your purchase total goes directly to support local scouting and Pack 991 – paying for events and equipment.

Our goal this is for each scout to sell at least $200 of popcorn. Last year, we had 82% participation – this year we’re aiming for 100% participation. 

Our Pack gives out special rewards for scouts who reach certain threshold levels in addition to the Council’s rewards, which include gift cards, camping or other fun items and a scholarship fund. 

Rewards for selling!

Every Scout who turns $200 worth of Popcorn by the November 1 Deadline will have a chance to throw a cream pie in their Den Leader’s or the Cubmaster’s face at the November Pack Meeting!  Your Pack Leadership believes in this fundraiser so much, they are willing to take one (or 10) for the team!

In addition to the prizes offered by Trails End, our Council and Pack are offering additional incentives.

Trails End prizes are on the back of your order forms.





Special Pacific Skyline Reward Structure

  • Every Scout who sells gets a 2013 Participation Patch
  • The $200 club – Scouts get to throw a cream pie in a leader’s face
  • The $300 club – Scouts get a special party with Cubmaster (Scouts will vote on the venue)
  • The $600 club – Scouts earn either a ZX CrossBow or a $100 gift certificate for Pacific Skyline camp for every $600 sold.
  • The $1500 club – Scouts receive a bonus $50.00 Amazon gift card
  • The $2500 club – Scouts receive scholarship money


Supporting Scouting has never been easier.

Each year, councils across America take part in the annual Popcorn Sale. Throughout the fall season, in nearly every city and town in America, Scouts can be seen selling boxes and bags of popcorn in front of stores, selling products door to door or taking popcorn orders from friends and family. In the Pacific Skyline Council, Scouts sell Trails-End popcorn. Over 70% of all popcorn proceeds stay local to help Scouting within the communities that the Scouts live in. For units that sell popcorn, this usually represents their one and only annual fundraising event and usually provides enough funding so that the cost for participation in Scouting events to parents is minimal.

If a Scout approaches you to buy some popcorn, please consider supporting that boy and his community in this great Scouting program.



  • Boys should always have an adult with them as they sell.

  • Do not go into anyone’s home when selling popcorn, wait on the porch.
  • Do not hand the customer the popcorn until they hand you the money.
  • Do not enter yards with loose dogs–and never pet someone’s dog at the door without asking first!
  • If you feel a situation isn’t safe for any reason, leave!


  • Door-to-door sales in your neighborhood
  • At your school
  • Ask your parent’s friends
  • Email non-local family and friends internet ordering information
  • Have your parents take a sales sheet to work

Sell online to family and friends everywhere

Go to the Trails-end Trails-End online selling tutorial to sell to all your friends and family wherever they are.

Register to sell on line.

Download forms and brochures


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