Pinewood Derby Check-in: March 9 and March 16

We hope all our scouts are working on their Pinewood Derby cars. We will have two check-in dates.  Please drop off your car at one of the check-ins. The cars will be held by Pack 991 Pinewood Derby Coordinators and returned after the race, except those cars that qualify for the District Final event.  

Please read the rules to make sure your car meets the basic requirements. There will be some tools to make adjustments to the cars at least at the first check-in.  

If you do not have a scale you can take your car to the post office and they are usually happy to weigh it for you.  The check-in times are  March 9 and March 16 from 9am to noon. Locations will be at two of our member homes and will be sent to you by email. 

The Scout Store at the Foster City Scout Office has a track available for test-runs on Saturdays!

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