Pack Meeting: October 10th 6:15 Pre-Activity 6:30 Start Halloween Theme


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Our next Pack Meeting is coming up soon, Thursday October 10th; It will be held at the Elks Lodge with the festivities kicking off at 6:15 with the pre-activity.  At 6:30 the meeting will commence with the opening flag ceremony. 

The Theme of course is Halloween – Come dressed up in your scary outfit or as a Cub Scout, even scarier.  We have a lot of fun in store for your Scout, this is a can’t miss event. 

Recognition will be given to those Scouts who have completed work toward any belt loops, pins, or achievements.  Please make sure you get those in to your Den Leader.

For those that have just entered Scouting and completed their first step, we will be holding a Bobcat Ceremony, complete with face painting.   

During the activities portion of the meeting we will set up various stations with games and crafts for the boys to do.   

We will close as usual with the Closing Flag Ceremony around 7:45 to 8:00.   

Please talk to your Scout prior to arriving about a key core value in Scouting; RESPECT – As defined by Cub Scouts – Showing regard for the worth of something or someone.   We don’t expect our young Scouts to  be perfect, but take advantage of the lessons that can be learned and the core values that can be instilled by talking to your Scout about the use of the Lodge prior to arriving at the meeting and if needed during the meeting.

Talk to your older Scouts about having COMPASSION for and not scaring our younger Scouts.  Although with the Haloween theme it can be tempting, we need to make sure that the environment at the Pack Meeting is Safe and Fun for all.  COMPASSION is another core value in Cub Scouting; Being kind and considerate, and showing concern for the well-being of others.    

It is our privilege that we use the Elks and we need to keep in mind the following rules.

Parents please make sure that your Scout stays with the group, that they obey the rules and our courteous to our host, the Elks.  If we all take responsibility we will continue our long relationship with the Elks and stay in good standing. 

1.  Unless we are going outside for an activity the Scout must stay with the group in the designated room.  Unless accompanied by you their parent. 

2.  If going outside, we will go through the front door and around to the field below.  At no time should a Cub Scout or siblings be around the pool area, on the balcony, or any other location other than where the event is being held.

3.  We are not to go through the doors leading out to the balcony, the doors are to remain shut, we have air conditioning if needed.

4.  We cannot climb in the trees located in the front of the building or walk on the fountain.   Although tree climbing is a favorite past time of our Scouts it is not appropriate at the Lodge. 

5.  Basically, be courteous and considerate when arriving at, during the meeting, and leaving the lodge.  

Again, please remember that using the Elks Lodge is a privilege so please speak to your Scout about good manners while on the Elks property.  

Thank you,

Cubmaster Royal 




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