Pack 991 faces the Pirates!

Pack 991 is heading to the San Jose Children’s Musical Theater to see the Pirates of Penzance.  This classic show is sure to delights Scouts, siblings, and parents, and attendance meets achievement requirements for all ranks!  It is Fun with a Purpose!

When: March 2, 5:00pm show
Where: The Montgomery Theater, 271 South Market St., San Jose, CA 95113
How much:  $5.50 for Scouts, $10.50 for  non-Scouts under 12, $13.50 for adults

Deadline for online registration:  Wednesday, February 12. click here to register
Deadline for payment: Tuesday, February 18

Bring a Check to Blue and Gold Dinner or Send Payment to:

Pack 991 Treasurer
702 Paradise Way Emerald Hills, CA 94062

More information is here:

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