Fair Share Campaign

Our Pack 991 is part of Redwood District within the Pacific Skyline Council – in Foster City.  They maintain regional scouting for us.  If you are willing and able to support scouting in this way, you can do so at the following link – DONATE.   We would like to achieve 100% participation from the families in our Pack. You can contribute any amount, even a dollar, to participate. 

Go to Packsky Fair Share for complete information on our Councils Fair Share program.

What is Fair Share?

One of the ways a pack supports the district and council is through a yearly fundraising campaign called Fair Share. It funds properties like Cutter and Boulder Creek, provides the district Pinewood derby and many other programs.

Your contribution will change lives. Does that sound like an exaggeration? We don’t think it is, and you probably don’t either.

Because of your support, a new Tiger Cub will learn about sharing with others. A Cub Scout will have the thrill of racing his pinewood derby car against other Cub Scouts. A Boy Scout will climb up the Tooth of Time at Philmont Scout Ranch and watch the earth disappear behind him for a real “mountaintop” experience. A young man or woman will dive to the ocean floor or learn new skills as Venturer.

Your gift will help the Pacific Skyline Council keep its promise to provide the young people of our communities with a program of leadership training, character development, and personal fitness. Scouting has done this over 100 years now, and the families and communities of the San Francisco Peninsula expect nothing less.

Scouting helps today’s youth develop into tomorrow’s leaders, and your generous support helps ensure that Scouting will be there for generations to come. Thank you.

Why Fair Share?

No family or Scout will be denied a Scouting experience because of their financial situation. A contribution of $175 (or more) is suggested but participation at any level is important and gratefully recognized. in addition to individual families, the council asks local businesses, civic clubs and individual donors for their financial support. the question often asked is “How many of the Scouting families have contributed?” these groups often base their decision to support Scouting on how many of Scouting’s families help bear the costs of operating the council. Please donate at the level at which you are able.

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