Scout Recognition for Serving our Vets

serve_the_vets_1.2014Pack 991 thanks the following scouts and their parents for participating in this important service project last week:

  • Den 6: Lawrence Yauch, Logan Carroll, and Waylen Thayer
  • Den 2: Alex koop
  • Den 9: James Marks and Matthew Nave
  • Den 8: Zak Kinder
  • Den 3: Rory Taylor and Tristan Goodwin

Five of our dens were represented and appreciated by the vets, who served our country, and the Elks Club who sponsored this event. As part of their service they all enjoyed a delicious steak dinner courtesy of the Elks!  

serve_the_vets_steak_dinnerIf your scout would like to serve the vets in the future our Pack 991 participates in this service project every three or four months on the first wednesday of that month.  

Space Derby Results

 spacederby_raceAt our November Pack meeting we were entertained by a fleet of 47 rubberband powered rocket ships built by our scouts for our first ever Space Derby. Volunteers helped stage the event and the scouts raced their rockets against the clock.   All the rockets were entered into a design contest and a team of judges assigned special awards to the rockets during the race.

We had 17 finishers our of 47 entered in the time trials, so finishing the the Derby is an accomplishment the scouts can be proud of.  Ryan Cleere took first place with his rocket named “The Missle”, the fastest rubber band power rocket in Pack 991’s history since this was our first Space Derby. All the finishers are listed below. » Read more

Official Raingutter Regatta Results

Last Thursday, Pack 991’s fleet of scout-crafted sail boats converged on the Elks Lodge for the Annual Raingutter Regatta Boat Show and Race.   We had 50 entries in the Regatta, our largest turnout in years. 

Scouts raced against the clock and Ethan Moore took first place with the fastest time of 8.74 seconds with boat 47.   This is now Pack 991’s official record for fastest boat since this is the first time we have kept times. 

We had fantastic and creative designs from all the scout who entered boats, and our judges gave many of them special awards including Mario Mendez who won Best of Show for his boat “Striker”. The special Cubmaster’s Pick was awarded to Christian D’Ambrosio for his boat “USS Christian”.

 The top ten finishers and the special awards are listed below.  

 I would like to thank all the scouts who participated and all the volunteers who helped make this a great event.

 Dale Koop

Read more to see the results awards: » Read more

The Rain Gutter Regatta – November 8 Pack meeting

Our pack will have its annual Raingutter Regatta at our next pack meeting on November 8, 2012.  The Raingutter Regatta  models are miniature sail boats. Although the seas are only 10-foot lengths of rain gutter filled with water, and the ships a mere 6 inches long, the race is a very exciting event. Each boy should build his own boat with supervision and help from parents or other family members. He also provides the wind for the sail with his own lung power.  

This year we will be clocking the event so boys will race against the clock to see who has the fastest boat. Scouts will be able to use a straw or blow directly on the boat at their option. 

So with a little over a week left make sure your scout starts working on his boat. The scouts can put them together in about 10 minutes, or can spend as much time as they want to make their own scaled down version of the America’s Cup. The only design rules are that they need to start with the kit supplied by the pack this year, no recycled boats, and they can only be powered by blowing on them. Also, if they are too wide they might not fit in the rain gutter. If you don’t have your boat kit then contact your Den leader or me. 

Last year we had 40 entries and you can see some of the great designs in photo.  Some hints: Make sure the sail is pushed all the way down. If it is high on the mast the boat will tend to tip when the scout blows on it. Also glue the sail to the mast so it doesn’t spin on the mast in the wind. Put it in the sink or a bathtub and check it out or practice.

This will be an exciting event for November. I look forward to seeing a lot of cool new boats in the pre-event boat show. Please check the boat in by 6:30Pm the night of the event. See you there.

Dale Koop

Our Pack is going to the Cub-on this month


See our Cub-on Page for more information.  This is a great experience to introduce scouts to camping. Easy family camping and friends and siblings are welcome.

Put Pack 991 on the registration form so we will all be grouped in the same campsight. Go to the Cub-on page under activities for more information.

  • when:  October 12-14  or October 19-21, 2012, we have scouts going each weekend. 
  • where: Cutter Scout Reservation (near Big Basin State Park)
  • You can register on line later this year at Cutter Scout Reservation