Sleepover at the San Francisco Zoo Sept 13

Since our boys were Tiger Scouts, Pack 991 has slept with fishes, under stars, and on an aircraft carrier – in 2014 the Webelos Scouts are bedding down with wild animals!

Webelos Scouts are invited to a sleepover at the San Francisco Zoo on Saturday SEPTEMBER 13!  They’ll complete several requirements for the Outdoorsman Badge (required for Arrow of Light), get a night hike tour of the zoo, and meet with an animal keeper.  It’s a unique opportunity to camp “in the wild”!  There are limited slots available!

Sign up here by August 25 and submit checks by August 29 (the Pack must pay by August 30)!




Advancement and Picnic May 18!

Pack 991 will celebrate the Scouts and their Families – and recognize achievements and advancement at the Annual Picnic on May 18 at the Elk’s Lodge (1-4pm).  Activities include water rockets and food!  Look for an Evite so that we can have plenty of vittles for everyone!

Get ahead of the curve and pay your 2014-2015 dues – and pick-up the hats and scarves to go with the new Rank!

Pack 991 invites all interested families to attend our April 10 Pack Meeting.  Our theme is campfires and we’ll have a full program for boys to participate in, as well as in informational meeting for parents!  Please join us!  We encourage current Scouts to bring a friend!

Come see us on April 10, 6:30pm, at the Elk’s Lodge!


Pack 991 faces the Pirates!

Pack 991 is heading to the San Jose Children’s Musical Theater to see the Pirates of Penzance.  This classic show is sure to delights Scouts, siblings, and parents, and attendance meets achievement requirements for all ranks!  It is Fun with a Purpose!

When: March 2, 5:00pm show
Where: The Montgomery Theater, 271 South Market St., San Jose, CA 95113
How much:  $5.50 for Scouts, $10.50 for  non-Scouts under 12, $13.50 for adults

Deadline for online registration:  Wednesday, February 12. click here to register
Deadline for payment: Tuesday, February 18

Bring a Check to Blue and Gold Dinner or Send Payment to:

Pack 991 Treasurer
702 Paradise Way Emerald Hills, CA 94062

More information is here:


Sign up now for Show and Sells!  In just a few short hours, your son can practice communication skills, sell $200 worth of popcorn (earning his leader a pie in the face) and help the Pack create great programs for everyone!

Pick your time and date and let’s get Popping!

All the important details about the Popcorn Sale can always be found here:

9/14 Sequoia Safeway 10-4

9/15 Sequoia Safeway 10-4

9/21 Woodside Safeway 10-4

9/22 Sequoia Safeway 10-4

9/28 Bianchini’s 10-4

9/28 Woodside Safeway 1-4

9/29 Woodside Safeway 1-4

10/5 RWC port fest

Show + Sell = Success


With one (hot) weekend of sales, Pack 991 has already reached 10% of it’s selling goal.  Many boys have already earned their opportunity to give their leader a pie in the kisser!

It’s an easy equation:

7 Hours of selling + 8 Scouts + learning to people skills = Scouting Success!

If you haven’t signed up for a Show and Sell yet, do so!  Boys learn to be assertive, to take rejection with a smile, and to experience success!



Scouts honor veterans on Memorial Day

Every year, the Scouts of Pack 991 join many other Cub and Boy Scouts in honoring America’s veterans.  They do this by placing flags on the graves at the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno.  The Cemetery covers 161 acres and over 130,000 veterans and their family members are interred there.  Placing flags is a wonderful way to help the boys recognize the meaning and importance of Memorial Day.memorialgoldengate

The day of service begins at 8:30 with a ceremony (although arrival earlier, with check-in at 7:15, is requested and suggested).  Then, boys are assigned a specific area in which to place the flags.  This task does not usually take long, although if weather permits, Scouts are encouraged to salute each grave as it is marked.  After the placing of flags, interested families can meet for brunch at a nearby restaurant.

All boys who participate in the placing of flags on May 25th receive a patch, those who also participate in the removal of flags on June 2, will receive a pin.

Please contact Rebecca Ratcliff (cliffrat (at) if you would like to attend.


What to do with all those patches?

By now, your boys are accumulating patches.  There’s the Pinewood Derby Patch, the One Warm Coat, and the Cub-ON patches to come.CubScoutPatchVest  But, what to do with them?  These patches are not part of the official Cub Scout uniform and should not be sewn onto the uniform shirt.  Instead, patches are to be sewn onto another garment.  Most Packs have boys sew them onto red vests, but our Pack has boys purchase red or blue hooded sweatshirts, and the patches are sewn onto them.  The traditional Cub Scout color is red, but not all schools in Redwood City allow students to wear red, so some dens have dark blue sweatshirts.

The boys have voted…new Class B uniform design has been chosen!

Remember that Scouts are supposed to wear a uniform at ALL Slide1Scouting events – including service projects and field trips.   The BSA requires uniforms because they help to create a sense of belonging. They symbolize character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Wearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification and commitment.  In addition, uniforms represent a democratic idea of equality, bringing people of different backgrounds together in the Scouting tradition.

But, sometimes hats, scarves, slides and beads don’t quite fit the activity or the venue.  That’s when Scouts wear their Class-B uniform -> their Pack 991 t-shirt.  At the last Pack Meeting, the Scouts voted 2 to 1 for this great design representing all the ranks.

All Scouts who have paid their 2013-2014 registration will receive their t-shirt at the  Pack Picnic on June 2nd.

Boys should wear their old shirts to the Cub-ON on May 17-19.


Cub-ON Ready! Firesafety and Campfire Pack Meeting

Pack 991 Cub-ON prep meeting

Thursday, April 18, the Cub Scouts of Pack 991 were visited by firefighters from Woodside.  They learned about different kinds of fires and the different kind of fire extinguishers used to put out those fires.  A lucky 10 boys even got to enact PASS – Pull the Pin, Aim, Squeeze the Trigger, Sweep. 

After learning about fire safety, the boys showed off their thespian skills with songs and skits.  In addition to completing several requirements for Wolf and Bear achievements and for the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award, the evening prepared the Scouts for the May Cub-ON. 

Sign-up here for the May 17-19 Cub-ON.  While check-in is on Friday night, Scouts can also arrive on Saturday, participate in the fabulous Saturday night campfire and then do BB guns, archery, and crafts on Sunday morning.  Food is provided, families need to provide their own tents and sleeping bags.

Pack 991 Sleeps with the Fishes

Saturday April 13, 2013 Scouts from Dens 3, 4, 8, and 9 had an adventure under the sea at Aquarium of the Bay.  Begin20130414_dsc_0301ning at 7:30 on Saturday night, the boys learned the difference between sharks and fishes, about the different kinds of water in the Bay and about taking care of fisheries.  Led by 2 ebullient naturalists, the Boys earned their Wildlife Conservation Belt Loops, and were well on their way to completing their Wildlife Conservation Pins.  Thankfully, the Aquarium had plenty of coffee on hand (and chocolate croissants) for groggy parents who “slept” in the shark tunnels with the 22 Cub Scouts, the 1 brother, and the 1 brave sister of a Scout who tagged along.  Check out the photos!

Join Pack 991!

Pack 991 invites all interested families to attend our April 18 Pack Meeting.  Our theme is campfires and we’ll have a full program for boys to participate in, as well as in informational meeting for parents!  Please join us!  We encourage current Scouts to bring a friend!

Come see us on April 18, 6:30pm, at the Elk’s Lodge!

Pack 991 Scouts Bridge to Boy Scouts

All Cub Scouts are invited to attend the Arrow of Light and Bridging Ceremony to be held during the Pinewood Derby pack meeting on Sunday, March 17.  

The Arrow of Light is the highest achievement Cub Scouts can earn, and is the only Cub Scout badge worn on the Boy Scout uniform.

We will take a break from racing cars to hold this ceremony from 11:45 to 12:30.  This ceremony will mark the transition of the Webelos II scouts from cub scouts to boy scouts.  Similar to last year, Boy Scout Troop 149 will provide their “monkey” bridge for our scouts to walk across.  After the Webelos II have bridged, we will open up the bridge for the younger scouts and siblings to cross as well.  I know my sons really enjoyed this ceremony last year and I hope you will stick around or come early to participate this year.  I also heard a rumor the Big Dave will be present for the ceremony!

Troop 149 will also be selling hotdogs, snacks and drinks at Woodside Town Hall during the Pinewood Derby and Bridging Ceremony from about 11 – 2.  Please support them and purchase your snacks and lunch from them on Sunday.

Vince Kapral
Den 6 Leader

Pinewood Derby Schedule

The Pinewood Derby Race Schedule is now available.  All Scouts of the same rank will race together, with trophies awarded to the top 3 and all boys earning a patch for participation. 

If your Scout is NOT planning on creating a car, please notify your Den Leader.  Younger Scouts may enjoy watching the advancement of the Webelos II to Boy Scouting and Boy Scout Troop 149 is expected to be selling food at the event as a fundraiser.

Official 2013 Redwood District Pinewood Derby Rules

Sunday, March 17, 2013 at Woodside Town Hall on Woodside Road in Woodside

10:00am ­ Webelos II

10:30am ­ Webelos I 

11:00am ­ Bears

11:45am ­ Webelos Arrow of Light and Bridging Ceremony

12:30pm ­ Wolves

12:50pm ­ Tigers

1:10pm Finals (top 3 cars from each rank)

1:45pm ­ Siblings

2:10pm Outlaws

1 2